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Book a female stripper with us and receive a X-rated dvd free

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The hottest female strippers in Cairns.

Strip Shows

  • Topless girls

  • "mild show" - the g-strings are off full open leg with lots of attention shown to the buck,bestman,birthday boy or hen.

  • "X-rated" - this is a full on open leg show that envoles a couple of meters of beads and the use of sex toys, members of the crowd have been known to lend a hand.


  • "fruit and veg" - this is the same as the X-rated but with fruit and veg.

  • "Lezzbo"- this is the best show in cairns. Full on action from two of the hottest strippers they go to town on each other with beads, candles,toys, strap ons, and plenty of kissing and touching.


Save $$$ when you get it all packaged up. Here are some ideas...


"Buck's Deluxe"

Need to organise your mates bucks party? How about...

  • Two of the hottest topless girls to keep the cold beers comming for three hours.
  • A pants off legs open show for the buck and best man from one of our sexy strippers.


"On Tour"

So your on tour with the boys and you want a little more. How about...

  • Two of the hottest topless beer wenches for three hours.
  • A pants off legs open show for the boys just to warm you up.
  • A full on hardcore X-rated, thats right we are talking pants off legs open with toys, dildos and at least 3 meters of beads.


"The duck's nuts"

This is for the guys who know what they want ... the best !

  • Two hot topless girls to keep the beer up while the action is on.
  • A pants off legs open show, just to make sure everything is sitting right.
  • A full on hardcore X-rated toys and all show  as the warm up for...
  • Girl on Girl hardcore X-rated no holds barred action.


  • F.N.Q Hotties can all so provide sexy lingerie models.

F.N.Q Hotties is a no sex services




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