Smooth Move to Port Douglas

I had been living in Cairns and working in Port Douglas for the past year and decided to move to Port as I was over all that driving. The two moving guys were hot and sweaty from carrying all my boxs and I was hot and wet from wathching them. I had on a little top with no bra, tight little short shorts with no panties and a big sexy smile when ever one of the hunks looked my way.

As the boys where unloading the last of the furniture I decided to start unpacking, I thought it would be a good idea to start with the box hat had all my sex toys and lingerie. It did not take long for one of them to get the hint, "where would you like to put this one" he asked with a smile.
His veiny cock was about to burst out of his short work shorts. So I slid has pants down and started sucking hard on his cock and squeezing his hairy nuts, when I felt my shorts being pulled down over my arse. Then I jumped about a foot as I felt a worm soft tounge start working  
my wet flaps apart. I pushed gently back while still sucking like mad on the cock in my mouth, I felt the tounge on my pussy slip away and be replaced by massive piece of meat, it felt like those two huge cocks were touching in the middle of me. I bucked wildly as they they fucked my mouth and pussy, blowing their loads they got hard again and swapped over. They even took turns squeezing their big cocks into my tight little bumhole!
My orgasms were making me shake all over...I was screaming for more. Eventually all three of us collapsed in a tired heap, then got our  
strength back and whent at again....I think I might move back to Cairns.

Port Douglas QLD

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